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This past week, I lost my last grandparent.

My dad’s mother.

Although both my grandfathers died when I was a child, both my grandmothers lived well into their 90s.  You might say, “Ann you’re 50, you’re lucky you had your grandmothers in your life that long.” And I know you’d be right. But that doesn’t lessen the loss.

I was very close to my dad’s mom. I lived with her for a few years when I graduated from college. I went to stay with her for a few months when I got a job in her state. I stayed for 4 years.

She became a close friend. After I moved away and got a cell phone, I’d often call her on my commute home so we could chat. I will sorely miss her practicality and unconditional love.

Her death also got me thinking. I have watch both my parents lose their mothers in the space of the last year. And I’ve realized that no matter how old you are or what you’ve made of your life …

Home is where your mom is.


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