What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Since many people make incomes online doing affiliate marketing, I wanted to check it out.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s product for a 50-75% commission.

I’m taking an intensive ecourse on the subject. Every weeknight at 8pm for 2 ½ weeks. Even thought it’s a lot of time, it’s so worth it in the detailed how-to they are going into.

I have to admit that one of the hardest parts of the course for me was finding a product to sell. There’s a lot of sleazy stuff out there that I couldn’t sell even for a hefty commission.

I did find two products I felt comfortable selling. One is a gardening guide which is pretty straight forward and in line with interests I have.

The other is a fitness program. I’ve wanted to try (yet again) to loose weight. So I decided I could sell this product if I tried it myself. (Darn conscience!)

After everything is set up and running, I’ll let you know how this experiment in affiliate marketing works


Sandra Mauck March 5, 2012 at 8:25 am

Just for the record Ann, I have never done any affliate marketing. I’ve always been either in a corporation, as a entrepreneur trainer/coach or in a private practice as a personal growth coach. I have never had a hard product to offer. i’d like to explore that however. thanks for the information. Look forward to more.

admin March 5, 2012 at 9:48 am

Sandi, what you said is partly why I did this. So many of us have not done affiliate marketing. But if it is a good way to make an income, then I want to find out about it and share that knowledge.

About you not having a hard product to offer, have you seen my newest book on Amazon? It is aimed at teaching coaches how to write a book from their knowledge. You could write it and offer it on Amazon or on your own site.


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