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Hi! I’m Ann.
Welcome to Creative Boomer.

This website is part motivational and part informational.

Creative Boomer is a way to refocus and find our inner 20 year old again. We were once trailblazers. In our 20s and 30s growing up in the 60s and 70s and early 80s, we did things our mothers never did. You believed in yourself, you were Mary Richards from the Mary Tyler Moore show. Tell me that you haven’t thought about it! That you haven’t stood in a crosswalk in a city in the middle of winter, and had that urge to grab your hat and throw it in the air! For the longest time, I would have been Rhoda. I would have been about to throw my hat, somebody bumped my elbow and the hat fumbled down. But I changed. I got my Mary-style confidence in myself again.

I’ve gotten back to that trailblazer! I have gotten back to that wonderful 20 year old woman who was ready to take on the world. Perhaps not as wide-eyed and hopefully a bit wiser, but still wanting to change the world for the better. If I stood in that crosswalk right now, that hat would go high up in the air and land back in my hand. That’s how confident I am again about me. To go forward, that’s how confident we each have to be about who we are.

You are a wonderful, brilliant, knowledgeable woman! You just have to believe it again.

And that is what this website, CreativeBoomer.com, is about.

Helping us all get to the point where we are who we truly are. And the internet is a wonderful place for strong, trailblazing women to make an income doing things that matter. And that’s what we’re going to do together. I hope you join me. And I hope you keep coming back. This is going to be a wonderful ride. We are once again going to become the trailblazers we once were.

Self-esteem is a bit like fairy dust. It only works if you believe in it.

What you believe you can do, you can do.

What you believe you cannot do, you cannot do.

 That may sound simplified. But it is still very true.

To help you understand that I know what I’m talking about, I’ll share my story of how I went from believing I could change the world, to believing I knew nothing and had no worth and how I got out of that hole.

The journey from somebody to nobody to somebody again.

 I went to high school in the late 70s and there were a lot of trail blazers before me. A lot of the women’s lib movement had already started. I grew up watching Ann Mare from That Girl and Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I grew up watching the Apollo space missions and being told I could be anything I wanted. So why not an engineer?

I got to work on F-14 fighter jets and the NASA Space Station. My work life was good.

But in my personal life, I had married someone who was extremely controlling and had gotten me to the point and I allowed myself to get to the point of questioning everything I did.

If I called a plumber for quotes to have a plumbing problem fixed in the house, I would ask questions of the plumber and feel that I got all the answers that I needed to make a decision. Then I would relay that information to him (because of course he didn’t want to deal directly with any of that.) and he would poke holes in my logic.

Well, did you ask this? What about that? How come you didn’t find out about that?

Often the issues he questioned were irrelevant but being bombarded by them threw me off. And when that happens enough times and you don’t stand up for yourself at the time they are happening, then you start to believe:

“Maybe I don’t know anything.  Maybe I don’t know how to ask about things. Obviously he’s pointing out and it must be true that I don’t know how to make decisions.”

I had gotten to the point where I really truly believed that I knew nothing, I had no worth and I couldn’t make any decisions. And yet 8 hours a day at work I was proving just the opposite. For goodness sakes, I had four US patents! But I couldn’t see my own worth.

When we divorced, I suddenly had to start making decisions.

I had to see what I had allowed to happen to me and to my life.

Luckily, once the dust cleared and I had time to think and remember, I found the idealistic woman that I was in my 20s was still there. She was still just hanging out in the corner of my mind waiting for me to notice her. And when I did, that’s when I started to climb out of the dark hole of nobody-ness that I had fallen into.

Part of how I climbed out of that hole was by changing myself and my beliefs. I allowed myself to believe in me again. Once I allowed myself to do that, I really began to see how much knowledge and experience I had to offer. And once I believed in my own worth, other parts of my life started to fall into place (like finding a man who loved me as I am, past bagage and all!) 

As women we tend to believe other people are experts but we can’t possibly be. We need to admit what we’re good at. And those things we are good at, we should share.

That is why as a 50th birthday present to myself, I started CreativeBoomer.com



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